Danielle Gletow - Brightening the lives of foster kids one simple wish at a time

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The Idea


Danielle created One Simple Wish to enable anyone to make a simple yet meaningful and direct difference in the lives of foster children & vulnerable families. The organization shows one person how they can help one other person in need with simple requests like gift cards for groceries, clothing,etc

The Specifics

One Simple Wish partners with over 250 social service agencies in more than 24 states & allows them to post simple wishes on behalf of foster children, vulnerable families, domestic violence survivors. These individuals are given a chance to have their voice heard while also educating the public about the specific needs of people in their own communities. One Simple Wish provides simple, tangible ways for anyone to give back and encourages people of all ages to consider the needs of others. Many issues seem insurmontable, but Danielle has created a way to break down the issues of poverty, homelessness & foster care into small ways that anyone can get involved in. It truly shows the power of one person to make a difference.

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