She's the First: Investing in girls' education

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She's the First: Investing in girls' education




The Idea

She's the First is a nonprofit that connects girls in the developing world with educational scholarships. Under Tammy Tibbetts' visionary leadership, I've had the honor of watching She's the First transform from an idea to a global movement. Tammy is committed to inspiring and empowering women.

The Specifics

"Music is universal. Education should be too." This is the guiding mantra of She's the First's annual GIRLS WHO ROCK change-making concert. She's the First's team of movers and shakers in the fields of media, design and entertainment use their creative talents to advocate for education through music.

GIRLS WHO ROCK combines the voices of music's leading ladies with the powerful voices of social media to celebrate girls' education. In 2011, GIRLS WHO ROCK raised $17,000 to help 29 girls at Uganda's Arlington Academy of Hope become the first in their family to graduate.

Girls can rock the world; we must invest in their talents. With this grant's support, She's the First can help give more girls the gift that keeps on giving: an education.

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whoops that "shesthefirst" comment is unattributed - written by Tammy Tibbetts

by shesthefirst
about 2 years ago | Reply

Thank you, Liz! I'm honored that She's the First is in the running but the truth is, I only had one simple initial idea and name for this message -- it was the incredible team and community who formed around being a "first" that made She's the First what it is today. That includes YOU! For anyone interested in learning more of our story, click here: http://www.shesthefirst.org/about/our-history/

by shesthefirst
about 2 years ago | Reply

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